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Data Storage Technology

James Rowlands 296684

At some stage during the development of computers it became clear that for further progress to be made the computers would need to store and recall data. Up to this point data was entered into the computer and the user would read what was displayed, it could also be printed a form of data storage. But for a computer to perform complex tasks, run complex programs and generally become more useful it would need its own storage method.

 On the most basic level a computer has just two states, on and off. Everything it does comes from the changes between these two states. Data storage is the same, on the most basic level its just the ability to store lots of states in either the on or off position. On and off are represented by a computer as 1 and 0.


Punch Cards and Valves

Magnetic Tape

The Hard Disk  Drive

The Floppy Disk

The Compact Disk


Magneto-Optical Storage

The future